Volunteer with Hodnett House

Get involved at Hodnett House! Start by supporting our Tea Garden on Thursdays, so you get a feel for who we are, and what we do.

The various projects underway at Hodnett House gives everyone a chance to contribute in some way or another.


Social Responsibility Contribution

Hodnett House creates a safe space for our adults to earn an income for themselves, and to contribute to Hodnett House.

Other than donations, talk to us about outsourcing tasks to our team. We’re here to be part of your success.



Hodnett House is a smooth transition for people with intellectual disability tfrom schools like Casa Do Sol School, into an environment with a positive mindset, focus on meaningful activities and interactions, and personal growth into being independent and self-caring.

High Tea on Thursdays

Meet the Hodnett House Adults

High Tea is served by all the adults from Hodnett House, so you’ll get to meet every one of us during the morning.  The team members who can, work to create the day’s eats.

Why attend?

In our relaxed atmosphere, you can see who we are, and what we get up to.

Whether you’re in the area and wish to spend a delightful morning, or – whether you’re thinking of volunteering at Hodnett House but you’re not quite sure if this is your cup of tea, this is the ideal space to introduce our worlds.


To facilitate and independent lifestyle, where possible, on a financially sustainable basis, in a protected environment, for people with intellectual disabilities.


• To provide the best possible care and guidance to the participants in the daily programme.
• To provide a comfortable and homely environment to the residents.
• To develop the participants to their full potential socially, spiritually and emotionally.
• To develop partnerships with parents, the community and other stakeholders.
• To promote awareness and to serve as advocates for people with intellectual disabilities


At Hodnett House we strive to make each participant feel nurtured and valued. We achieve this by setting obtainable goals according to each participant’s circumstances, needs and strengths. We provide a stimulating environment and present a programme covering different aspects of learning and living.

The programme includes:
• Assessing and building skills.
• Life skills development. (Lower and higher order skills)
• Awareness of interests and aptitudes.
• Social development.
• Emotional development.

The staff at the house continue to develop Functional academic skills such as reading and mathematics. It also focusses on the importance of acquiring independent Living Skills in order to take care of one’s own personal hygiene, be as self-sufficient as possible regarding taking care of one’s working and living space and meal preparation.

We also make sure that other traits such as attendance, punctuality, co-operation, responsibility, reliability, enthusiasm and motivation are developed throughout the programme. This forms the basis of good work ethics.